Vote Them Out

Well . . . .

I’ve spent time jumping on and off of Twitter over the last little while. I’m fascinated to try and find out what’s going on with the world and this country but it all horrifies me so totally I have decided to try and ignore it. I can’t do much about any of the utter desperation and shit that this country is being put through by the last twelve years of tory rule, so I’ve decided to try to make sure I can look after myself and those I care about. If you are watching the news over the recent weeks following the utter thickness bullshit of a PM and you still choose to vote tory then you are a dick.

We shouldn’t be raising interest rates to stop inflation. The inflation isn’t caused by people spending money. It’s caused by energy shortages and greedy corporations. Raising interest rates will harm the poorest and those who have no money to spend. Funny that a tory government gave the Bank Of England the power to control interest rates along with the duty to control inflation because then all the blame goes onto the BoE.

We shouldn’t be taxing rich people less to “encourage growth”. We should be taxing rich people more and passing that to those who are struggling. We shouldn’t be borrowing money to give direct to the privatised companies to subsidise energy bills. We should be taxing those companies to give money to the poor. The money being borrowed is going to be paid back by tax payers in the future. So we are taking money from tax payers in the future to subsidise the profits of companies and shareholders. This is a classic tory move.

Also, most of our energy companies are owned by foreign states. France, Germany and The Netherlands own most of our energy companies via their STATE OWNED energy companies. Fuck this government and the tories of the 80s for selling off utilities owned by the people. What an utter failure of an experiment this style of capitalism has been.

We can wait until the next general election and we can vote for whichever candidate has the best possibility of kicking out the incumbent tory. This is the fucking least we can do. The experiments in greed that have been running since the 80s both here and in the USA have failed utterly. We need a tightly regulated capitalism, we need state owned utilities. We need state owned mass transit. If, after the next general election there is a single tory MP then I will be ashamed of this country [more than I currently am].

Personally I think we are due a revolution. A change. A republic. New rules. New systems. A style of government that thinks about the future and the poor. Perhaps we have universal basic income? Perhaps we move away from individual transit to mass transit. Perhaps we move to sustainable high density housing. We need to change the world and we can do that by being trailblazers in a world that will survive. Let’s be clear, our current systems are going to cause pain and death and wars in less than 50 years.

The problem is that this country is full of people too tied to the rules. Just look at the fawning over the royal family when the queen died. What a fucking disgrace. Such reverence being paid to an institution built on greed, slavery and theft. The power came from enslaving other countries and stealing their preciousness. It’s hard to explain this to people because they don’t want to listen. We can’t discuss these things because the entire state is build around the Crown. We’ve been like this for over a thousand years. Fuck this country.

So, vote the fuckers out.

Although I’d prefer to be in the streets shouting “viva la revolution”.