NFL Wembley 2022

Sunday was a good day to head to Wembley and watch American Football. This year it was the turn of the Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars to battle it out to win the international series game. I had planned really well to arrive in time for a 1430 start but unfortunately the match actually started at 1330 so we missed the first quarter. Not a problem as the rest of the match had good things in it [except for the 3rd quarter].

Close Up To The Action
Close Up To The Action

I met Jason and his daughter at the stadium and because we missed the national anthems I didn’t get my chance to silently protest the stupidity of having a grown up singing about wanting to save the system that literally makes us subjects of a person rather than citizens in our own right. Fuck the system.

Wembley Stadium - Broncos @ Jags
Wembley Stadium – Broncos @ Jags

The Broncos won the match and I guess that pleased Penguin as he’s a Broncos fan. I liked it too as I had chosen to support them throughout the game.

By the way. I’m back to supporting the New Orleans Saints as my premier football team. Not because the Packers are bad, but because they are not very romantic. So, Who Dat!