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I’m not sure how I found out about the Demo Version of Gran Turismo Sport but I did. The full version is due out on what I call Gran Turismo Day.

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In the mean time Polyphony have released a demo version available for about four days. I suspect this is to test the network architecture they have in place and to spot bugs. I’m not sure how quickly they can change and fix code for the Blu-Ray disk run but my guess is they will release a fix patch at the release date to fix known issues.

I have to say this game looks incredibly gorgeous as they always have. There are new tracks and I can’t wait to get driving around some of the tracks I have already learnt. I’ve taken part in a few races online and enjoyed it. I notice that the clutch doesn’t work in this version on the Logitech steering wheel but that isn’t a problem. I try to drive with flappy paddles when the car is designed that way and use the gear stick when the car has one.

My second online race meant I had more time to qualify and I managed pole position. The race was the Suzuka East circuit which I did go on to win. My first race I qualified in tenth although I do not know what that time was based on. It would appear that GT is going to have races that start at a fixed time and then however long before that you join in you get practice and qualifying time.

I think it is worth pointing out that the quality of the resolution and video doesn’t really matter that much. I concentrate on the road, corners and braking points so much that the background is incidental. I know they put a lot of effort into it but I suspect it is mostly for people watching alongside or for overall sales, people probably buy these games based on overall graphics whereas the eye and brain doesn’t see things that way!

I’ve been messing around with the share function on the PS4 and even uploaded a video to YouTube. I couldn’t use the native app to do this, I had to copy the file to a memory stick and then upload from my PC. The quality of the shared video isn’t at full resolution so don’t be put off by the video:

I am looking forward to spending time playing the actual game soon.