Killers – Iron Maiden

There’s something about the raw power and sound in this album that has stayed in my core. Along with Iron Maiden, Killers has that kick in the teeth, it pushes you around and beats you up with its riffs and lyrics. I bloody love this album. My feelings for the first two albums often goes against the grain of general fandom. In my view Iron Maiden were good until the end of Seventh Son. After that they went shit. Or maybe I just grew out of them?

The Ides Of March – Borrowed from Samson and written by Bruce before he was part of Maiden. This opener gets you ready for the onslaught.

Wrathchild – rolling bass line with bouncy riffs. A great song.

Murders In The Rue Morgue – such a melody that I get shivers down the spine.

Another Life – You can imagine jumping around to this song in an East End pub in the early 80s. The riff change halfway through is ace.

Genghis Khan – This song pops with the main riff. What out for the speed change that doesn’t accelerate it just knocks you flat.

Innocent Exile – Another bouncy tune that keeps me jumping around the room.

Killers – Entirely about stalking someone and killing them. What do you expect from a band named after a medieval torture device?

Prodigal Son – Devil’s got hold of my soul. But with a ballad feel. Although it’s not a ballad.

Purgatory – high speed danger in this song. It races along daring you to join in.

Drifters – The symbol crashes on the off beat excite me in this song. Just one of those things. This song canters along with room for a breather at the end of each verse.

This whole album encapsulates a teenage yearning for power and respect. You can feel the angst in the writing and the production. It still excites me after over thirty years of listening. I bloody love it.

“Sanctuary” isn’t on this album and so probably wont’ get mentioned until “Live After Death”. That’s an “L” album and so won’t be too far away. As a clue I’ll let you know that “Live” is simply the best Maiden album.