Laughing – Re-Animator

I’m pretty sure I got this album sometime in my third year of university. Although I can’t remember the specifics I do suspect it was in the “metal” section at a music shop. Obviously this was in the days before streaming and even previewing an album. What you bought was what you got.

I’m not sure this is a serious album. I mean musically it’s pretty good and the songs are good but there are plenty of songs with humour in them and start with clips of audio from film etc. If you like heavy slow paced thrash metal then this is a good album for you, assuming that you don’t mind the odd piece of fun.

The following songs are stuck in my head, even after twenty (or more) years.

  • Rude Awakening
  • Kipper ‘n’
  • Research – has French spoken at the beginning
  • Another Fine Mess
  • Monkey See, Monkey Dance
  • Don’t Patronise Me

I guess you could stream this album now, for nothing, listen to it and then dismiss it. Over the last few months I’ve come back to the idea of paying for music properly! Sad old me and my liberal sensitivities.