Led Zeppelin I – Led Zeppelin

This could cause some controversy but I’m not fussed. Opinion is just that. There are critics out there whose job it is to justify their thoughts and these are the people to rate the “excellence” of all forms of art. Whether I agree with them or not doesn’t really matter. I do think that there’s something important about the idea of learning how to appreciate certain aspects of art. It’s hard for me, as a layman, to see how a movie has been put together and what was difficult with it although that might still not make it “good”.

I don’t know how much we can standardise our subjective thoughts. We might take expert opinion and use many of those to form a consensus about certain issues, that seems a sensible approach. Suppose we asked the population the question “what is the best food?”. You might imagine many many types of answers to this and I would need clarification because sometimes a burger is what you need and sometimes cheese on toast is required. These views across the population could possibly be why this country is in this particular political state at the moment. Maybe we shouldn’t ask the population its thoughts on things as the population is quite often wrong.

The plebiscite was wrong about proportional representation and the “leaving the EU” question. In fact, most people didn’t vote. That is what is amazing. This country is heading towards a cliff top at full speed because it is the “will of the people”. Well, fuck you. It was the vague idea of about 35% of the voting age population. The rest of the lazy cunts didn’t vote. People didn’t know what they were voting for. People don’t understand the issues because it is really fucking complicated. Don’t ask the people! We have an elected representation of (hopefully educated and intelligent) people who we let make these decisions based on our behalf. Even when some are wankers, some are thick, some are motivated by unreasonable needs and some are just plain corrupt.

This brings me to this and the next few albums. Because I have been reviewing these albums in alphabetical order by album title it means that most artists are spread out throughout this website. But there is Led Zeppelin who named their first four albums (maybe more) numerically. This means there follows two more communications about the same band. This is slightly annoying.

Led Zeppelin lie in that circle on the Venn diagram of bands I know needed to exist to create the music that inspired all the music that I like but at the same time I find them a little boring. This boredom is precisely because they inspired my kind of music. My kind of music has moved on, it’s evolved, it’s become dirty and dark and is allowed because bands were magical in the early 70s and 80s. Along with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin inspired the heavy metal bands that formed ten years later. All music is traceable along the ages.

This album has some excellent songs on it. It is historically important. It is highly rated by critics and is important in the history of music. It is summer music. I don’t play it that often.