Mechanical Resonance – Tesla

I bloody love this album. It’s proper 80s cock rock and it’s amazing. I had this on tape for many years and oddly the music cassette is still in a cupboard in the kitchen ready to be played on a non-existent cassette player. Years ago I would have had a CD/Cassette/Radio in the kitchen. I mentioned Tesla in this communication years ago! Also, in March 2014 I noticed the tape in the cupboard and wrote about it within this communication. It is still there:

Tesla Tape
Tesla Tape – taken today

I still don’t have the heart to remove the tape and put it somewhere else. All my music cassettes are in the loft and this one is now a memorial to that portable format.

So, this album is playing while I type and it is brilliant. Lots of excellent choruses along with memorable hooks. It’s very much like a Bon Jovi album [one of the good ones] but slightly less commercial. I have enjoyed playing this album for over thirty years and I think it will continue. Well done Tesla.