Under Siege

I found this communication in my drafts and I hadn’t written any of the text in it, however you can see it was drafted in January 2017.

[Correction – WordPress has published this as 2019, however when I found it in my drafts it was listed in the 2017 section of the website

Under Siege Revisions
Under Siege Revisions

The picture shows that my first draft was January 6th 2017]

I seem to remember wanting to write a film review about the film Under Siege when I watched it in 2017 but I never did. It is now April 2019 and I have just re-discovered this draft.

I’m curious because two days ago I watched Under Siege again and I still thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. So much so that I write about it in a film review I did for Pet Sematary. When I publish this communication I think it will appear in the Jan 2017 block. This means that I am writing this in April 2019 as though I had traveled back in time to 2017 whereas in reality the time travel has been the other way around!