Music For A Jilted Generation – The Prodigy

This is an album which takes me back to the early 1990s almost straight away. I’m pretty sure I bought this in a record shop in Portsmouth. This means I bought it around 1995/6.

I remember spending time at a mate’s flat after being out on the beers in Bishop’s Stortford. He was working as a house master in a private school and we would often rock up to his accommodation and sometimes we’d have the Narcotics Suite on in the background and I remember being very impressed with the music.

I also remember being in a car with my parents and even though they were fine with all my heavy metal and thrash I asked them to put this CD in the player and listen and I don’t think they quite got it. The music has complex beats and I think it broke them slightly. I have loved this album for over twenty years. When I saw The Prodigy last summer at the M’era Luna festival it was one of the best gigs I had ever seen.

  • Break and Enter – a deep heavy intro to the blistering sounds of The Prodigy.
  • Their Law – Fuck ’em. Shout and scream this one at the establishment.
  • Full Throttle – a fast ride to hell I reckon.
  • Voodoo People – magic people. I think I remember this one from the live show. A guitar based sound to give you full on dance beats.
  • Speedway – It’s a race isn’t it? Sounds like the soundtrack to a Ridge Racer game, but better.
  • The Heat – Still great.
  • Poison – The intro to this, with the spoken word and then the wa-wa sounds makes me shiver. It needs to be loud and hit you in the chest.
  • No Good – ha ha, this one reminds me of a relationship I was in once. Every now and then this song went through my head before I’d had enough and left.
  • One Love – lovely.
  • Narcotic Suite x 3 – a beautifully written selection of songs which will make my spine shiver.

I liked this album before I was into my current electro-aggrotech-industrial phase. It was a forerunner that seemed “OK” for a metal fan to like. I think I used to be worried what people would think about me when I spoke about music and now I don’t care what you think. I like what I like and am what I am.