New Jersey – Bon Jovi

This was the first Bon Jovi album that was released during my fandom. I’m not sure if I had already seen them live, I’ll check at some point. I remember driving with friends down the Wembley Arena and seeing Bon Jovi with Dan Reed Network as support in around 1990. Right, this album was released in 1988 and so I was into Bon Jovi then but I hadn’t seen them live.

I really loved this album. It felt mature but still great fun. I have just, slightly embarrassingly, realised that the band’s name shortens to BJ, which is brilliant but I can’t believe I’ve only just noticed that [I wonder if the Pom has?].

Lay Your Hands On Me – brilliant.

Bad Medicine – brilliant and includes the lyric which I have found most fascinating: “You’re an all night respirator wrapped in stockings and a dress”.

So, here’s the thing. I could end this album right at this point. I know that’ll be controversial given some of the songs that follow:

Blood On Blood, Homebound Train, Rise Cowboy Ride, I’ll be There For You, 99 In The Shade.

These songs have never really done much for me. That’s just how it is and I do understand it’s a massive character flaw. When I saw these guys last at Twickenham they played “I’ll Be There For You”, it was the most boring song ever, key changes and everything. I hated it.

This album is still great, even though I turn off after about ten minutes. Everyone should own it.