Permission To Land – Darkness

This is a massive album. When the Darkness pounced onto the scene it was hilariously camp, 80s and rock. This small band from Ipswitch (?) made it big with their cheeky falsetto metal. But, what they did was make those sounds fashionable again. Of course I bought the album. I even went to see them play at Wembley Arena and for most of the gig the band seemed amazed that they were playing Wembley Arena.

I like the opening song “Black Shuck”. There’s one of those crappy mythical stories about a massive black dog roaming around the countryside of Anglia. As far as I know Anglia is that bit that sticks out to the north east of London. If you draw a line from Dartford Bridge to the Wash everything to the east of that is Anglia, I think. The big black dog is called the Black Shuck. It’s a really good shout out to the stories of my homeland.

Then you get “Get Your Hands Off My Woman” which, apart from the consent issues within that statement, is a great song. You haven’t heard the word motherfucker sung in a more beautiful way. If “your woman” has consented to have another person touch them then I am afraid there’s nothing you can or should do about it. She isn’t “your woman” she’s a person and if that’s what she wants to do then good for her. It’s probably time for you to have a discussion about your expectations of the relationship.

“I Believe In A Thing Called Love” is tremendous. Well worth the listen and a very well constructed song. It’s got some of my favourite types of song structures including lines with just the rhythm section playing – I do like that. That sound is a bit like why I like Dokken live, the bass and drummer belting out the riff while the solo goes on in the background.

The rest of the album is good and strikes a cheeky AC/DC vibe with the theatrics of Queen in the videos. It’s good holiday music I think. Not to be taken seriously but written with the style and panache of a grown up rock band who are having fun and making music that they enjoy. It’s a happy album.

During my visit to Washington DC in 2013 Rich and I listened to this album as we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Great tracks for a great day.