Powertrippin’ – Almighty

There was a period of time when The Almighty were the best british metal band out there. I thought they were great. I saw them three times. The best was probably when they supported Megadeth at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Also I saw them when they supported Iron Maiden at the Cambridge Corn Exchange and they also supported Metallica and Megadeth at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 1993 (ish).

I don’t think I owned an Almighty album before this one. I have since bought a couple of extras but this one is very good. I bought it on CD back in the day and was pleased as there was a bonus disk of the band playing at Donington in 1992. This whole album is a good one. Well worth it. A good mix of acoustic and rock along with a few parts of thrash. The main riff in “Addiction” is super.

Favourites of mine are:

  • Jesus Loves You But I Don’t – a good break up song.
  • Powertrippin’ – (Hear the drummer get wicked)
  • Addiction
  • Takin’ Hold – (I watched a snail . . . . )

The bonus disc has a great short set from this band live at the Monsters Of Rock concert in 1992. The intro says enough:

Donington – Would you please welcome, from Glasgow, Scotland, the all-loud the all-wild the all-fucking-mighty.

Mr Announcer

The tracks from this make one of the best short live EPs I’ve heard. Decent rock and good crowd interaction.