Reise, Reise – Rammstein

Looking through all the “R” albums I can see some amazing things in there. Reise, Reise is one of those good ones. It must be because it’s by Rammstein and they haven’t written a thing I don’t like. They are proper music gods. There’s a gorgeous sound with Rammstein that works so well. It’s an excellent mix of ragingly heavy guitars with rolling bass lines and keyboard work that just fits. Go and buy anything by them.

  • Reise, Reise – sends shivers down my spine and is beautifully written.
  • Mein Teil – A good one to shout out.
  • Dalai Lama – A nice slow heavy riff with a bouncy beat. It might be about that dude, it might not. I’m not really into ly
  • Keine Lust – Oh gosh. Go and see the video for this one. It’s fantastic. There’s a brilliance associated with Rammstein songs that blow me away. This is a great song.
  • Los – A nice and gentle song with a rolling bass riff and gorgeous high pitched melody thing.
  • Amerika – A cash cow.
  • Moskau – I think this has some Russian people on it. Maybe from Pussy Riot. I don’t know what it’s about but I don’t think you can sing about Moscow and be praising of the regime. Maybe it’s positive about the population there. It’s an OK song.
  • Morgenstern – Choral opening. A great start-stop riff to beat you up. Once the beat and riff goes continuous it’s glorious.
  • Stein Um Stein – starts quietly but will blat you in the face.
  • Ohne Dich – get those lighters in the air. It’s a lovely song.
  • Amour – Deep voiced love story??

I love Rammstein and all their music is beautiful. Everyone should get these albums.