Revelations – Audioslave

This is the third album by supergroup Audioslave that I have reviewed here. The other two can be found by searching but they cover Audioslave and Out Of Exile. This is another excellent album. I don’t know how they do it but Audioslave have managed to write three excellent albums.

I do consider these albums good dinner music. I think they would be suitable to play while having dinner with a group of friends. Now, I do suspect that I’m wrong about this because I know that my tastes don’t really match up to normal. For instance, yesterday, I was at one of those large indoor play parks and they were playing music, probably to cover up the sound of the screaming. I will admit that the music was all quite fun, disco hits from the 70s and a few modern hits but mostly it was unoffensive and quite boring. Everyone should be pushing the boundaries. I do feel sorry for my kids sometimes; who else has a dad who plays Grausame Töchter regularly in the car rather than Heart and similar bullshit.