Seems Right

It’s a weird time I guess. I’ve been getting through the days partly because I’m used to having quite a lot of time at home – I get six weeks off in the summer – in fact I think there are only three summers I’ve ever worked through! The main difference between normal summers and now is I’m normally quite busy travelling around and doing things. At the moment I’m at home, which is OK. I’ve got some things I can do as a routine:

  • Gran Turismo – a couple of races each day, trying to get better online.
  • Laughingly trying to write music.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Getting through some TV shows.
  • Watching movies.
  • Reading a book.
  • Actual work starts again in a couple of days.
  • Trying other games on the PC or PS4.
  • Food shopping once a week.
  • Thinking about what to do or making plans of things to do in the house but probably not getting the motivation to do that.

Along with these things I’ve also been doing the right thing by following my pay-for-it policy. So, while I can and while I am in a position to still pay for things, I’ve been trying to pay for things. I’m very lucky that I have a state provided job. I’m going to assume the state will continue because if that fails we are all fucked and it’s not worth thinking about. So, for the next while I should be getting paid. Because I am able I will buy some more albums and I am also paying for podcasts I listen to because they delight me so much and they keep me settled. The amount I pay for them is pretty small compared to the benefits I get. Some people might ask why pay for this stuff if it’s free? Because it’s the right thing to do.

So, here are some things that I am currently paying for [which are also available for nothing]:

Recent albums I’ve bought are:

  • Another Piece Of The Action – S.P.O.C.K
  • From Beer To Eternity – Ministry
  • Amerikkkant – Ministry
  • How Do You Feel Today – Rotersand
  • Dawn – HORSKH
  • Gate – HORSKH
  • Nachright vom Feind – Jadu

I’ve also been involved in helping to fund a few books that I’ve been interested in. I’m currently hoping that a Hush-Kit book will be published and that’s through a website called Unbound.

There may be a time when I can’t pay for these things. If that comes then society is going to be in a really bad place and these little things won’t be enough to keep me happy anyway.