The Razor’s Edge – AC/DC

Blow Up Your Video came along as my awareness of AC/DC grew and I really liked the album. I seem to remember being in Jersey and having it on tape although I mostly bought records, music cassettes were a popular portable method for listening to music. The Razor’s Edge was the second album released by AC/DC after my consciousness was raised. It’s an excellent album and has a number of great songs.

  • Thunderstruck – everyone knows this song. It’s a great song. The video is excellent. A great opener and worth the hype.
  • Fire You Guns – another high speed brilliant song.
  • Moneytalks – It does doesn’t it, but also another single and a great song.
  • The Razor’s Edge – brilliant, well crafted.
  • Mistress For Christmas – a fucking terrible song made for the xmas market but it’s kinda cheeky also and makes me laugh. I suppose you have to be good at song writing to be able to write this stuff.
  • Rock You heart Out – proper high speed rock.
  • Are You Ready – a live classic and classic AC/DC. I’m running out of superlatives.
  • Got You By The Balls – not the best AC/DC song with balls in the title but still a great song.
  • Shot Of Love – not sure about this one.
  • Let’s Make It – AC/DC songs are pretty much all about sex. All of them.
  • Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck – it’s ok.
  • If You Dare – fantastic riff work.

There’s an awful lot of good on this album and not a lot of shit. It’s well worth owning and playing. Everyone sings along with AC/DC right?