The Rap Guide To Religion – Baba Brinkman

For some reason my album reviews have gone out of order and this one should have been before the last few, as they are alphabetical by title. Now, this is a really odd one for you. This is a rap album by a white Canadian where they explain how religion is formed and what the psychological processes are that means humans are pre-disposed to religion. I don’t mind rap music because I like a good beat, and I like learning about religion. So, this album hits the spot. I bought it originally as I like music and I’m happy to buy music directly from the artists or whole albums as it seems a better way to pay for music rather than use a streaming service. I know that I might only end up liking a few songs overall from an album but I think the type of musician I listen to now needs the money. I’m happy to rip off the superstars though.

I really enjoy this album and possibly you will too if you can cope with hip-hop music.

Number 1909 and so here’re some things that happened then:

  • The NAACP is founded.
  • Turks kill 15-30000 Armenians in a single day.
  • The world’s first military airplane is bought.
  • The Indianapolis Speedway track is opened.