The Sickness – Disturbed

OK, now this is a great album. I don’t know the individual songs and I can’t put the correct names to the correct rhythm but I can tell you that this album ROCKS. The signer’s voice really adds to the overall theme and you can tell that if he wasn’t there it would be mediocre. I’d be interested to see this band live and I nearly did but the tickets were too expensive for a trip to Wembley Arena where this band were the support. It would be nice to see them at a festival, when festivals are happening again. Go and get this album, you’ll love it.

This is communication number 1907, so as with my recent trend here are some things that happened in 1907. Clearly, these aren’t the most important things to happen but they are things that stand out to me:

  • The “mud march” takes place in London with women fighting for the right to vote.
  • 19 women are elected to the assembly in Finland.
  • A peace conference happens in the Hague.
  • A mining explosion kills 362 in West Virginia.