The Very Best Of Testament – Testament

I’m pretty sure I bought this as an alternative to buying the album Practise What You Preach. The idea was that I would get all the good Testament songs and not have to worry about buying a few albums. Eventually I went on to buy the albums individually anyway as a couple of albums a month keeps me happy. I honestly don’t know what is on this album. I probably played it a few times when I got it but since then I’ve always done the right thing and listened to the proper albums.

In the communication number is the year that I write about continuation this is number 1920 and here’re some things that happened that year.

  • The Treaty Of Versailles takes affect officially ending WW1.
  • The Khan Of Khiva abdicates.
  • The five interlocking rings of the Olympics are first displayed in Antwerp.
  • UK, France and Italy discuss how to partition the Ottoman Empire.
  • A bomb kills 38 in New York.