The Way Of The Fist – Five Finger Death Punch

I got a number of FFDP albums after I saw them at Download and then a location in London. I don’t mind when one of their songs comes on in a shuffle but I am definitely not bothered about playing a complete album. I’m not too fussed by their double bass drumming all the way through complete songs. Chaps, you have to have variation. But then, I’m old so maybe that is the way to go? So, there may be good stuff on here, there may not. I’m also trying to beat one of my previous best communications-per-month totals so that is why I’m publishing a lot this month.

In 1928 some of the following things happened:

  • Frederick Griffith proves the existence of DNA.
  • A dam failed north of LA killing 600.
  • The voting age for women in UK lowers from 30 to 21. Prior to this only women over 30 and with property could vote.
  • Farnsworth demonstrates the first all-electric television system.