I’m looking forward to a new motor racing formula that will be debuting soon. Formula E is a new idea for racing where the cars are entirely electricity powered.

The cars look great and having seen some television clips they look pretty fast too. There’re some big name drivers involved in developing this sport further, more on the Formula E website.

This is going to be broadcast on ITV4 in this country and then highlights on BT Television. It’s worth a look I reckon.

I am aware this is quite a low-key communication from me, but I was going to write about Suffolk but you’ll just have to wait. As a teaser I would just say that you should always try to get on the A12 when heading to Kent from the East Coast rather than be completely unaware and realise you’ve gone wrong as you pass Newmarket. As I’ve mentioned Newmarket, have a look at the Suffolk county border around Newmarket – crazy.