Reign In Blood – Slayer

So, I bought this album quite a while after getting Decade Of Aggression which is possibly the only Slayer album you need. I can imagine how, back in the eighties, this album would’ve scared the shit out of adults. It’s heavy, gross, disgusting and amazing.

  • Angel Of Death – a song about Mengele and the shit he did during the second world war. Look, the whole point of metal is to shock and make you think. This song is gross but amazing at the same time. It doesn’t celebrate gore it brings that knowledge to a wider world. This song creates pacifists.
  • Altar Of Sacrifice – Amazing and heavy.
  • Jesus Saves – that opening riff is heavy as hell.
  • Criminally Insane – more heavy stuff and a great opening.
  • Postmortem – amazing. Such a heavy riff and masterfully blends into the next song.
  • Raining Blood – awesome. Can you see what they did with the title of the album and the name of this song? Clever eh?

If you want to seriously damage all your body then get this album playing at full volume and let it assault you.